fade out

fade out
Synonyms and related words:
FCC, FM broadcasting, Federal Communications Commission, abatement, abridgment, alleviation, atmospherics, attenuation, be annihilated, be consumed, be destroyed, be gone, be no more, be wiped out, blackout, blanch, blaring, blasting, bleach, bleach out, blind spot, blocking, broadcasting, cease, cease to be, cease to exist, change color, contraction, crawling, creeping, dampening, damping, decrease, decrement, decrescence, deduction, deflation, dematerialization, dematerialize, depart, departure, depreciation, depression, die, die away, die out, diminishment, diminution, disappear, disappearance, disappearing, dispel, disperse, dispersion, dissipate, dissipation, dissolution, dissolve, dissolving, do a fade-out, drift, dwindle, dying, dying off, eclipse, elimination, erasure, erode, evanesce, evanescence, evaporate, evaporation, exit, expire, extenuation, extinction, fade, fade away, fadeaway, fadeout, fading, flee, fly, go, go away, going, grow pale, hide, interference, languishment, leave no trace, leave the scene, lessening, letup, lose color, lowering, melt, melt away, melting, miniaturization, mitigation, mixing, noise, occultation, pale, pass, pass away, pass out, passing, perish, peter out, radiobroadcasting, reception, reduction, relaxation, retire from sight, sagging, scaling down, simplicity, sink, sink away, standard broadcasting, static, subtraction, suffer an eclipse, tone control, transmission, turn pale, turn white, vanish, vanish from sight, vanishing, vanishing point, vestigial transmission, volume control, wan, waste, waste away, weakening, wear away, whiten, wipe

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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